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The Importance of a Social Media Manager

You might love it, you might hate it, but you’ve got to have it. Yes - you guessed it, I’m referring to social media.

In the year 2021, if you are not present on social media, do you even exist? It’s a question that definitely makes you think.

According to Forbes, ”Last year, driven in no small part by the pandemic, Americans spent more than an average 1,300 hours on social media according to a new study from Uswitch. Facebook led the way, where Americans spent an average 58 minutes a day on the app – or 325 hours a year. However, the social network has been on the decline among younger users, who are increasingly gravitating towards apps including Instagram and TikTok – which allow them to be more creative and express themselves, the study's authors noted.”

With Americans spending such a significant time on social media, it is crucial that your business have a dedicated social media manager. Why? Because social media is EVER CHANGING— Updates to the platforms, new trends, curated content creation, algorithms, engagement rates, and most importantly - consistency across platforms.

Having a social media manager who is “in” the social media world and understands all of those things mentioned above is a huge benefit to any small or medium sized business looking to increase their brand awareness, connect to their audience, and ultimately grow their business.

At The DeCesare Group, we offer various social media services catered to the needs of YOUR business. Interested in learning more? Reach out today and we’d love to talk about how you can grow with The DeCesare Group.


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